With the winner of the Podnikavá hlava (Enterprising Head), you explore the surface of the Moon

This year’s winner of the competition for start-ups and young entepreneurs – Podnikavá Hlava, organized by the Palacky University Science and Technology Park (VTP UP), was the student of the Palacky University Michal Gabčo with the project MESS, which is developing an application detailing the surface of the Moon.

The idea that won 2nd place was a board game not only for the blind, called Olá, by Lucie Částková. The 3rd place was a project of ​​Lukáš Mazoch called EatMe. In the special category Businesswoman in Skirt were the most successful ​​Nikola Smětalová and Blanka Tomečková with their platform Zubařky.cz.

“On a map of the Moon in our application you will find where are located the precious metal deposits, or where the Sun shines the most often,” says Michal Gabčo, the winner of the competition, adding that “some countries see potential in the extraction of the moon’s raw materials.” Their prizemoney will be  invested in the development of an application that maps the surface of the Moon in detail and creating its 3D model. They would like to contribute to the shift of humanity to the stars. Customers who have bought the land on the Moon will be able to view the site and get detailed information about it. The fact that NASA itself is interested in the idea of detailed Moon mapping is supported by their willingeness  to finance Moon surface data analysis.

As one of the judges commented: “In each competition, we hope that someone will come up with an idea that will go beyond the borders of our region, our republic, and even the ocean. But here is the overlap even beyond our planet, which is amazing. ”

Thanks to the 10,000 Czech crown prize in the Businesswoman in Skirt category, Nikola Smětalová and her colleague Blanka Tomečková can start equipping their simulated office where they would educate and mainly teach children not to be afraid of the dentist.

The jury was also impressed by the social board game Olá, which connects the world of the visually impaired with the world of people without sight dissability. Its author, Lucie Částková, would like to help to eliminate interpersonal barriers between these groups of people. She wants to use her 15 000 Czech crowns prize to produce and develop this game.

The third place and 5 000 Czech crowns won a project called EatMe by Lukáš Mazoch. The app will connect consumers with local producers of home crops, vegetables and fruits.

“I enjoyed reading this year’s projects, which were innovative and imaginative. And I would like those who did not win today not to put their projects in the drawer, but to work on them further. So our country and our economy can flourish and grow on such projects, with such small businesses, ”said Roman Jurečka, director of the Science and Technology Park of the Palacky University.

The traditional competition Podnikavá hlava (Entrepreneurial Head), organized by the Science and Technology Park of Palacký University in Olomouc, is intended for beginning entrepreneurs. 36 competitors registered for this year’s 10th year, 22 of them submitted an application with a business plan. 10 of them have advanced to the final. The winning projects will have the opportunity to present themselves in front of hundreds of participants at the konference UP Business Camp in November 2019.

The competition Podnikavá hlava was held under the auspices of the Olomouc Region and with the financial support of the general partner of Česká spořitelna, the provider of Erste Corporate Banking, and the company Reticulum.

Detailed information about the competition can be found at www.podnikavahlava.cz.