Social application of the results of science and research

At the training course “Social application of the results of science and research”, which will take place on October 21, 2020, the UP Science and Technology Park (VTP UP) will help you better orientate yourself in the process of intellectual property protection and in the process of its application in practice.

The course, which you can apply for as part of Lifelong Learning, is based on the internal standard of Palacký University “Realization of industrial property rights at UP”, which sets a uniform procedure for ensuring protection of industrial property rights arising at UP and providing rewards for creating employee industrial property. originators, which should be followed by every researcher at UP. The UP Science and Technology Park thus responds to the need to increase knowledge in this area. Dozens of new outputs are created at UP every year, which require legal protection. And many of them have the potential to get into practice quickly, into companies, to end users, whom they will be useful in their daily lives.
The course will be implemented on October 21, 2020 from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm in the premises of VTP UP. The participants of the course will gain a comprehensive overview not only of the process of ensuring the protection of intellectual property, but they will also learn to analyze what social application its scientific result could have. They will learn to define what is the real output of his research, how to improve it so that it has the highest possible social impact. Whether this product is a lecture, method, knowledge or technical solution, they will learn how to develop it to make it better and more interesting for customers. Furthermore, the participant will be explained basic concepts such as LEANCanvas, copyright, invention, patent, trademark, industrial design, utility model, originator. It will be implemented by laws and standards that may affect the product. The participant will learn what are the roles in the process, what are the rights and obligations of the employee, what is the role of the university, how to proceed so that the law is not violated and the result of science and research is not misused by a third party. Also, where can he turn for help.
The graduate of this course will know their rights and obligations in the event of the creation of copyright, know-how or industrial property and will be able to orient in the process of its protection. You can register for the course here or on the CZV website.