UP Business Camp motivated into business

Being enthusiastic, motivated, courageous, heart-warming and start-up business has been repeatedly at the UP Business Camp conference, which was attended by 161 enthusiasts in marketing and business on Saturday, November 24, in Olomouc.
The participants of the conference had the opportunity to listen to 9 inspiring speakers and experience the first casting startup at Palacky University. Take a presentation skills or sustainable fashion workshop. Look under the microscope on caffeine crystals, experiment with a vacuum pump. Jump from a skyscraper in a virtual reality or look for 3D print of plastic coins into shopping carts.
“I am glad that our conference in the students, and not only in them, awakens enthusiasm to start their own business, inspires success stories and motivates them to realize their business dreams,” said Jaroslav Miller, Rector of Palacký University, who opened the conference.
Rector Miller followed the first of the speakers René Muller with the story of Fæncy Fries, a friar, who emphasized the heart of the business. In his view, it is important to give employees the opportunity to become brand ambassadors. Šimon Pelikán from Olomouc Olomouc mentioned that entrepreneurship is about enthusiasm, enthusiasm and especially enthusiasm. It is also essential to feel safe and cool beyond the comfort zone. David Spáčil from 60seconds spoke about business failures and how to learn from them. Martin Raditsch of the German Goethe University shared the foreign experience of setting up spin-off companies. Kateřina Křížová organized a workshop on sustainable fashion for dozens of interested people, where participants learned to sew from old clothes new. How to convince an investor with a business idea was advised by Alena Huber.
During the conference, the winners of the Competition Business Title 2018 were presented as well. Jakub Navařík with recycled 3D print and Vlaďka Závrská with the Bookbinder. “Courage, a great team and good intuition are what drives us into the project,” said Vlaďka, the author of the design bookshop.
In the afternoon, Milan Formanek, Red Bull Digital Marketing Manager, was dazzling. He introduced new marketing concepts and emphasized the need for a more creative perspective on today’s advertising. The conference was concluded by Libor Hoření, the founder of the online cookbook, toprecepty.cz, which motivated the participants with the story of DobroKava, where coffee is not paid for money but good deeds.
The startup casting was best suited to KeyLog safe cycling projects, online comparator for prices and quality of internet connection Compare.cz, project for bicycle transport of children to Ride2sCool, Colocco for children with disabilities and thermosolar hive. All of these projects went to the award for valuable prizes at the January Business Ball.
“It was a several-hour motivational marathon with great lecturers sharing with us the secrets of a successful business. Camp has inspired me, was full of emotions, stories, I took a lot. I also appreciate the fact that the organizers tried to limit plastics and offered tasty meals throughout the day, “Monika Trlidová, a conference participant, concludes.
The UP Business Camp conference was organized by Palacký University of Science and Technology with the financial support of Komerční banka. The conference was supported by the CzechInvest Business and Investment Support Agency, Olomouc Region, Olomouc District Economic Chamber, ESMEDIA and UOL. The media partners were Olomouc.cz, City.cz and Czechstartups.org.