The Winner of the Entrepreneurial Head wants to make cartridges into 3D printers of plastic bottles

The winner of the ninth year of the Entrepreneurial Head Competition, organized by the Palacký Science and Technology Park (STP UP), is Jakub Navařík. He wants to recycle plastics for use in 3D printing.

The businessman in the skirt was awarded Vladislav Závrská with the “Knihář” project. The award in the Health-Motion-Sport category was taken over by Jan Lavrinčík for the StoneBall and StoneTube health care projects.


Vladislav Závrská also took second place in the Competition Entrepreneurial Head, which dazzled the jury with a quality project processing that allows the reader to capture personal experiences with books and to grow with them. Hana Dospivová finished third with the project of the network of addictive ambulances Zkleceven.


“As a jury, we were able to see 11 high-quality competitive presentations from different areas of the social spectrum during the final. Whether it was environmental, health, sports or, for example, the reader world. The winning projects testify to the quality of the business plan and the expertise of their authors. I wish all the participants to get their business idea to the goal and successfully with it, “said Roman Jurečka, Director of STP UP.

A total of 80 thousand crowns for the start of the business and the potential to get an investment, an office and consultation with experts for the free of charge – these will be used by the winner Jakub Navařík, a 31-year-old scientist from Přerov, in his project recycling of plastics for use in 3D print.


“Today, the company produces an immense amount of hazardous plastics that flood nature. Waste is a global problem that I want to help to solve with my project. I want to concentrate mainly on using old PET bottles to produce 3D printer cartridges. Plastic waste is one of the greatest threats to the future of us and our planet, so we need to look for its new use, “says Jakub Navarik, the winner. “I plan to invest in manufacturing technology,” he adds.


A total of 10 thousand crowns will be used by the new Businesswoman in the skirt Vladislav Závrská, who won the Olomouc Region category. “A total of 9 women entered the competition, with 4 of them fighting for the final. I am pleased that the competition contribution of Businesswoman in the skirt was also addressed by the other judges who appreciated the project second place, “said Pavel Šoltys, Deputy Head of Olomouc Region. “The Závrská project attracted me both by the quality of the work and the innovative 4PRO method that the author made. The reader’s method equips with knowledge and skills that would not otherwise be developed by reading, “he added.


Entrepreneurial Head Competition is intended for future, start-up and experienced entrepreneurs. In the past, more than 330 contestants passed it. This year, 30 contestants registered, out of which 18 sent their business plans. There were 11 of them in the final. Three selected finalists will have the opportunity to present their ideas on November 24th to hundreds of participants in the UP Business Camp Olomouc Conference.


The Entrepreneurial Headline Competition was held under the auspices of the Olomouc Region and with the financial support of the general partner of Česká spořitelna – the provider of Erste Corporate Banking and BA Club.


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