The exhibition documents the shoe industry in India

Throughout February, you have the opportunity to see in the Science and Technology Park an exhibition focusing on the work of boots in India.

“This is the second exhibition we are holding. We want to raise awareness of the problems in developing countries. We often do not know where and how the products we bought have come to us. Certainly, human rights and human dignity are proven to be violated in the production of some brands of footwear, “says Roman Jurečka, Director of the Science and Technology Park UP.
“Photographs were taken by employees of NaZemi, who documented the working conditions of boots in the Indian city of Agra. They managed to penetrate into the inaccessible large factories and sweatshops, in the suburbs of the city led interviews with workers who also made boots for the Czech market. Shoes from these places go to their clients from the ranks of large footwear companies, “adds Adéla Píchová from the training organization ARPOK.
The exhibition was created by the non-profit organization NaZemi. The UP Science and Technology Park was awarded to ARPOK, which cooperates with NaZemi.