Palacky University is looking for young entrepreneurs

Winning 70 thousand crowns to start a business and the potential to get an investment, a free office for a year, new contacts, experience, feedback from mentors. All this has been prepared by the Science and Technology Park of the Palacký University in Olomouc for the tenth year of the Entrepreneurial Head Competition.
Candidates can apply for the competition until April 30th. Just register on the website and write a business plan.
“Determination and pull on the goal is not missed by any finalist of our competition. I am glad that as a jury I can stand at the birth of new projects and look forward to the new business plans that the entrepreneurs will enter into this year’s competition. Each of them always brings something positive and their reading and subsequent work with them is always an adventure for me. I firmly believe that we will help many of them bring their ideas to life, “said Roman Jurečka, Director of the Science and Technology Park UP (VTP UP).
The winner of the last year of the competition was Jakub Navařík. The jury took on the recycling of plastics for use in 3D printing. Title Businessman in skirt was awarded Vladislava Závrská with the project “Knihář”. It allows readers to capture personal experiences with books and grow with them.
“During my preparations, I began to discover the world of business and understand how such a business plan should look and work. The competition itself, which took place in one day, was a great experience and especially feedback from experts is invaluable, “summarizes his experience of Navarik.
“Before we entered the competition, the Booker Project was especially fun for us. After the contest, everything changed. Hard work began. We wanted to fulfill our commitment and not to disappoint those who had put their trust in us at the beginning. We fully leaned into the project and used the contacts, feedback and mentoring that the competition brought us, “says Závrská. “Everyone who believes in his idea, even if he is not sure what others will say, should enter into the Entrepreneurial Head Competition. Going to market with open arm is the best thing she can do for herself and her project. What he gains is massive acceleration and confidence that is indispensable for success, ” she adds.
The Entrepreneurial Head takes place under the auspices of the Olomouc Region and under the financial support of the general partner of Česká spořitelna – the provider of Erste Corporate Banking and the company RETICULUM.