Kniholky from Olomouc baptized the original notebook for book lovers

Last Friday at the Divadlo na Cucky, there was a baptism of a clever and creative scrapbook made by four young entrepreneurial women from Olomouc. Books are a passion for them, but they are not just readers. As Vladislav Závrská, the head of creative start-up, the basic mission of the project is to enable readers to grow and develop with each book.

“We want readers to offer a different perspective on reading books based on experience. It is not primarily about what is in the book, but how it relates to my life, as it speaks to my life. The great motivation for the bookmaker’s development was the need to preserve the experiences I have with my books as a reader. I thought I did not know what I was doing with each of the other books I had crafted, every new story overlaid the original one, “Závrská explained.
“The authors, who call themselves Kniholky, have invented an innovative 4PRO method that supports the process of learning from books. They have signed up for their project in the Entrepreneurial Head, organized by the Palacký University Science and Technology Park in Olomouc. Within this competition, they won the title Businessman in Skirts, a special category announced by the Olomouc Region for women entrepreneurs. And they competed second overall in the competition, “added Pavel Šoltys, Deputy Governor, under whose auspices the competition takes place.
Kniholky are now heading to several design and reader events throughout the country. In Olomouc, they will introduce themselves at the festival of literary and artistic publications Litr in Olomouc, Konvikt, on the 22nd and 23rd of September. You can also meet them at the first reading club that co-organizes with the Theater on the last Wednesday of September 26 at 5 pm. Do not miss the chance to meet them and find out more about their idea of ​​letting the books talk to your life.