Entrepreneurial women in Olomouc will celebrate IDW with inspiring lectures

Every third woman in the Czech Republic dreams of her own business, but only eight percent of women believe in her dream. The Week of Entrepreneurial Women, which is held at the time of the International Women’s Day, CzechInvest wants this attitude to at least slightly change and support female business communities in the regions. For Olomouc, they prepared a motivational educational meeting on 5 March in Olomouc.
Businesswomen, as well as women who are just thinking about their own business, will get information on how to get started with business and listen to the inspirational stories of women who have this experience behind. Experienced mentors focus on themes such as brand building, business negotiation, pricing, and financial and marketing advocacy.
Rendez-vous Entrepreneurial Women started CzechInvest already in June 2017 in Pardubice. The Olomouc branch of the first rendezvous was organized in cooperation with the Palacký University Science Park (VTP UP) in November last year. “We want together with VTP UP to create a platform where women will be happy to come back, to share their expertise, to motivate themselves, to learn from one another and not to be afraid to step out of the line. Karel Raiser will talk about finance simply, “says Pavlína Slepičková from CzechInvest’s office in Olomouc.
Do not miss an interesting evening in an informal and friendly atmosphere full of exciting tips and tips for your business. You can log in here.