Research, measurement, analysis

We provide high quality technology and knowledge to businesses in Olomouc thanks to support of Palacky University. We work mainly with companies in the fields of pharmacy, chemistry, biotechnology, optics, nanotechnology and others.

Our offer to companies:

Framework list of opportunities for cooperation and contract research can be found HERE.

How our cooperation works?

"What does it mean – technology transfer? Two-way transfer of know-how between science and research institutes and the commercial sector. It is the mediation of new knowledge, technologies and the results of scientific teams. "

  • We will find the best experts in the field.
  • Gain access to the latest scientific findings and take advantage of the latest research equipment.
  • We will develop new products for you, and will improve the properties of existing ones.
  • We will provide funds to co-finance joint research.
  • Together, we overcome the barriers between the academic and commercial world.

VTP UP / Research, measurement, analysis

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