UP Business Club

We create inspiring, creative and friendly community of students, businessmen and entrepreneurs from Olomouc region

  • We are a place where members come to meet and communicate openly.
  • We organize lectures, seminars and discussions with the most interesting people in the business.
  • Through our networking and educational activities we help members with their internal as well as business growth.

Join us and become members of the UP Business Club and immediately start enjoying the benefits this membership brings.

  • Access to materials from events - videos and slideshows
  • Priority registration for various events
  • Quarterly two hours of consultation from VTP UP consultants for free
  • • Participation in special networking events for club members

The current list of events and registration of members of the Business Club can be found at


References of Business Club members UP:

„Thanks to Technology Park UP we managed to get an excellent background in the form of co-working office and membership in UP Business Club also a lot of new knowledge from lectures and even new orders from other club members. Our experience proves that this club certainly makes sense and I recommend the membership in UP NC to everyone who is serious with starting business in Olomouc.

Jakub Dvořák, http://www.bepositive.cz/

"I must admit that this club‘s activities pleasantly surprised me. Group of people from several disciplines, usually accompanied by interesting lectures and seminars. Thanks UP BC, respectively to the club activities, we have already implemented two projects (www.bezpecnazebra.cz, www.dopravniskolka.cz) and further cooperation is imminent, so we are very happy for this contact. Thank you for the provided reference and cooperation in 2013 and look forward to the upcoming meeting in 2014. “

Kryštof Tureček, http://www.3pcio.com/

"I praise UP Business Club wherever I go and thank you that I can be a member. I met great people here and I learned a lot of interesting information in lectures. It's great to mingle with people who have similar (business) thinking, like me. I look forward to meeting with members of the club and also getting information from lectures! "

Tomáš Nakládal, http://www.lussien.com/

"UP Business Club is an interesting platform for me that brings together not only active students in Olomouc. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to meet with people who are facing life in a similar direction as me and mainly have desire to turn their own ideas into practice! "

Blanka Poštulková, http://www.tvaruzkovacukrarna.cz/

"UP Business Club = good company of enterprising enthusiasts + acquiring new information + positive attitude. Thank you for the opportunity to be members and we look forward to further cooperation! "

Zdeňka Hrdličková & Eduard Goričev, http://best-sportcentrum.cz/

" UP Business Club can change your life. Not only that, you get to know great people and businesses from which you can learn many things, but perhaps inspire you, change your way of thinking and help with creating your business. In life, you have a couple of good opportunities and membership in this club is one of them, so do not hesitate and become part of a community that moves you forward. "

Tomáš Zdražil, http://www.tomaszdrazil.cz/

"The Technology Park UP is a great environment for me, it is a place where I meet interesting people with interesting ideas. As a member of UP Business Club I use invitations to seminars, to which I would most likely not get. I appreciate the high quality facilities for holding educational events and I look forward to further cooperation and new members of UPBC. "

Milan Jindáček, http://smartgis.cz/

"Objective feedback, consultation with experts, motivation and friendly team of people, all this is UP Business Club to me. With a membership I gained valuable advice and opportunities for growth in the early stages of my business and I highly recommend UP Business Club to all. "

Lucie Balarinová, http://ppzive.cz/

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